Geological 3d Modelling

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The problems of three-dimensional computer models of geological oil and gas fields are discussed. Methodological and technological approaches to model creation in the different stages of modelling are described taking into account the exploration maturity, amount and quality of the initial geological and geophysical data.

Different aspects of building the models are explained with a large number of illustrative material. The results of building the models for numerous hydrocarbon fields in the different software systems are presented.

The book will be interesting to professionals of the companies involved in building geological models of oil and oil and gas fields and also for the students and high school graduates with a specialization in petroleum and geology.

Chapter 1 Background
Chapter 2 Types of models, input data, software packages
Chapter 3 Stages of work
Chapter 4 Building a stratigraphic and structural framework
Chapter 5 Building the volume of facies
Chapter 6 Building the porosity volume
Chapter 7 Building the permeability volume
Chapter 8 Building oil and gas saturation volume
Chapter 9 Hydrocarbon reserves estimation
Chapter 10 Multi-variant modelling, uncertainty estimate and risk assessment
Chapter 11 Model update and geosteering
Chapter 12 Quality assessment of model building


Appendix 1 Conceptual model (in collaboration with S.A. Ananiev and A.V. Skorobogatko)
Appendix 2 Fluid model
Appendix 3 Building a grid (written by A. Sungurov)
Appendix 4 Neural networks and multiple point statistics (in collaboration with A.Z. Zakharyan)
Appendix 5 Two-dimensional mapping (in collaboration with L.A. Kataeva)
Appendix 6 Geostatistics and kriging (in collaboration with A. Sungurov)

Auteur / Merk Zakrevsky, K.E.
ISBN / EAN 9789073781962

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